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CRM Analysis & Implementation


ParticipACTION is the national voice of physical activity and sport participation in Canada, inspiring and supporting Canadians to lead active, healthy lives.

ParticipACTION brings a simple message to Canadians across the nation. Let’s get moving. Moving more is key to creating a Canada that is happier and healthier.


ParticipACTION realizes they are missing the boat leveraging their consumer data. They ask AXIS to develop an application to help them get back on track.

AXIS Integrated's Data Flow Diagram


AXIS successfully sources and implements a CRM system designed for ParticipACTION’s unique needs.

AXIS consolidates all organization and contact records, along with all related source and campaign data from various marketing sources. The consolidated database enables a fully integrated CRM system, selected and configured by AXIS. The system empowers segmented marketing campaigns as well as acting as the single source for information collection and reporting for ParticipACTION.

AXIS produces a solution which:

  • standardizes data capture, with respect to fields and field values, across all its webforms on and partner websites, and links the forms directly to the CRM system
  • implements a third-party email campaign deployment system
  • provides user training
  • provides ongoing administration of the system
  • executes direct mail campaigns for Active Healthy Kids Canada, a sister organization of ParticipACTION
AXIS Integrated's Online Report Card Order Form for Participaction

Everything from implementation to training was really well done. AXIS is always available for support and to answer questions as they come up. They also provided advice on CASL so we could make informed decisions on how to remain compliant with the new privacy legislation.

AXIS is definitely a great help for our company! They made this project easy to handle, while completing it on time and within budget.

– Cecile Teillot – Digital Marketing Specialist – ParticipACTION
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