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To consolidate various customer information data sources into a holistic view is not a trivial exercise; experience counts. Due to our deep foundation of consolidating consumer/contact data sources, AXIS applies a proven framework that delivers what you need, fast.

Data Cleansing Graphic

Cleansing and matching is our primary focus and a core competency—there is no learning curve when AXIS is engaged. Whether we isolate issues of over or under-matching, balance word and pattern table entries to maximize corrections while minimizing cascading anomalies, or handle addressing challenges for SERP (Canada Post Corporation), the result is a consumer-centric database that performs and is sustainable.

AXIS designs client databases with you. Through our data discovery exercise, baseline match exercise, and business requirements analysis we identify your data structures, and include your privacy policies as well as marketing campaign needs. Then we form your internal AXIS IT team to lay out a best-practices approach for customer data capture, structure and management.

AXIS ensures that the database design puts you in control of all query, analysis and reporting. We deliver a detailed database schema that captures necessary data structures and table relationships (ERD) to ensure your data management requirements are met. We design a secure and intelligent SQL database that employs our methodology to deliver on time, on budget, and meet all your needs.

The change detection and entity (Household/ Individual/ Company/ Site/ Contact) Key Continuity Management (KCM) processes are always considered when we develop the design and logical data model. We build in a full examination, design and automation of procedures required to conduct daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly updates of defined source system files.