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Whether you’re creating a mail file, a sales lead generation list, merging prospect files with customer information or developing a marketing database, the ability to accurately identify and link records that exhibit sufficient similarity is key to a successful marketing program – B2B and B2C.

There are few companies that excel in this space. AXIS clients receive tenured resources, a proven framework and methodology and the gold standard in business intelligence software: SAP Business Objects DSXI™.

AXIS applies business and technical services to support major corporations in the profiling, cleansing, matching and consolidation of disparate customer and prospect data sources. As an extension of your business and I.T. organization, our project team assists you in the development of business rules, processing logic, matching methodologies and algorithms that result in veritas singularis™—a "single truth" of the consumer.

At the core of our web, database and custom applications is our Data Management and Hygiene department. This team focuses exclusively on converting, parsing, standardizing, verifying, correcting and matching consumer and business information to create a complete view of the consumer. Services include:

  • Enhance the quality, relevance and usability of consumer data through address correction & validation, NCOA, SERP & CASS, upper/lower conversion, name genderizing, salutation formatting, name and address parsing, list conversion
  • Leverage the cleansed and processed data for analytics, marketing and profitability
  • Establish metrics and targets for improvements
  • Implement processes to achieve data quality targets


The pie chart below illustrates the results of AXIS’s data cleansing practices:

pie chart
  • Records Received
  • Invalid or Duplicate Records
  • Effective Quantity Mailed
Records Received 500,000
Invalid or Duplicate Records 42,500
Invalid or Duplicate 8.50%
Effective Quantity Mailed 457,500
Estimated Savings if Invalids & Duplicates are Removed (based on $0.75 per mailer) $31,875.00

This demonstrates a real-life customer example of an 8.5% reduction in direct mail disbursement costs by way of utilizing AXIS’ data cleansing and matching services.