What We Do

Our job is to get the results you need


With AXIS’ Project Management behind the wheel, you know exactly where you‘re going — and have time to enjoy the view. The foundation of our expertise is a science of engagement that directs each project and makes sure yours is a success.

1. Planning And Discovery

First, we consider everything required for your project — operations, technical, business — and then we work with you to plan for discovery. We know results are a product of clear thinking and we  collaborate to create a Statement of Work (SOW) that will provide a detailed definition of the project scope and the work to be performed. Once we have that — we can  draw your map to success.

2. Process Map

You can’t navigate to a successful integration without a map. With the SOW to direct us,  we can address all aspects of the technical design process. We engage with key stakeholders in the project to create a technical design document that includes all process flows. If the SOW is a highway, the Process Map dictates the direction.

3. Development and Implementation

Time to get out and enjoy the view. You review and approve proposed designs. Typically, our team expands at this point (depending on timelines and budget as established in the SOW) to provide additional production and quality assurance resources to develop the database application. Next we will thoroughly apply Quality Assurance (QA) best practices in system testing. We will assist in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) phase. All to keep you on the road to results.

4. Deployment and Project Execution

This is when we join forces with your IT professionals and deploy your application within our secure production environment. Together, we tune software components and process logic to ensure optimum performance.  We also consider  future uses and scalability needs. We‘re sitting side by side — and picking up speed.

5. Debriefing and Knowledge Transfer

We’ve almost reached our destination. While we are working with you in development and deployment, your business and technical customer staff are trained and mentored on the software tools and database applications. You receive comprehensive documentation detailing the technical solution, and the architecture for the database application (including technical specifications.) Time for you to get behind the wheel and drive — the highway to success is yours!