Case Study

CertaPro: Custom Franchise Web Application

Coherent consumer communications keep things going swimmingly

CertaPro Painters® is North America's Most Referred Painting Company. With CertaPro Painters, customers get a quality experience that is unique in the painting business — and they get that experience at competitive prices. Each CertaPro Painters business is an independently owned and operated franchise.

The Mission

CertaPro wants to make sure all their franchisees are headed to success. CertaPro’s mandate to AXIS is to develop an online solution aimed at improving current Customer and Prospect lead management.

Certapro Customers For Life Portal
Phone showcasing a CertaPro email

Driving Home

AXIS creates a secure, personalized web portal for each Franchisee. This allows each one to design fully personalized, email and/or direct mail campaigns for their existing Customer Base and/or Prospects for a 12 month cycle.

Each Franchisee can opt for a recommended communication plan or fully personalize each cycle. In either case, the system provides a projected cost budget for the execution of the plan. Prior to each execution, the system sends an automatic confirmation email with current Customer/Prospect counts and a pricing structure. The Franchisee can cancel the specific program or have the campaign executed and billed. Either way the Franchisee is in full control of their program and their communication budget.

System Functionality Highlights:

  • Underlying database designed to enable the web application that includes franchisee purchase history, record type: family, individual, residential, commercial, customer, prospect, etc.
  • Secure hosting, back-up and support
  • Data cleansing and matching with address validation
  • A process for continuous improvement of data quality to feed in records for any mail which was returned to sender
  • Reporting dashboard where Franchisees can view their previously ordered marketing campaigns, their response rates, ROI vs budget, manage their leads, and more
  • List management allows Franchisees to view and manage the database for their franchise
Two mobile phones showcasing CertaPro's emails

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