CRM Implementation and Configuration

AXIS specializes in the configuration and implementation of CRM systems. As a market leader in data discovery, cleansing, consolidation, and migration, clients trust us to deliver them what they need.

Example of a Zoho CRM Dashboard view

How We Implement and Configure CRM Systems

Our focus is to enable the most efficient CRM possible for your organization through our analysis, optimization and launch process.

AXIS implements an unbiased selection process and expert analysis that ensures you will receive a budget-conscious system that meets functionality requirements and encourages end-user uptake.

We have implemented and configured CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Oracle CRM On Demand and Zoho CRM. We have strategically partnered with Zoho to roll-out custom CRM solutions based on our clients’ specific business needs. Don’t waste your time on the selection process; let us know your requirements and we’ll show you how Zoho CRM can work for your business.

After the application is configured, our experts will provide you with ongoing guidance, training and system support. We can also execute your integrated direct mail and email campaigns for you!

AXIS' CRM Approach

  • Lead Assignment
  • Lead Qualifications
  • Lead Conversion
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Product Delivery
  • Invoicing
  • Order Tracking
  • Knowledge Base Expansion
  • Incident Management
  • Training
  • Product Support
  • Campaign Execution
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Development

With an effective CRM, the possibilities are endless...

  • Keep track of all accounts, contacts, leads, customers, vendors, campaigns, and everything else all in one place
  • Track your sales activities
  • Track sales opportunities as you work to close prospects
  • Keep an eye on your outgoing and incoming sales activities including email tracking
  • Automate repetitive tasks with workflow automation
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns
  • Track leads to their sources
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness
  • Customer service tracking of calls
  • Dashboards to provide quick insight into key company metrics
  • Create online forms to capture leads directly from your website

Your CRM project tasks may include...

  • Discovery of your data
  • Consultation on how to improve your data capture
  • Documentation of your requirements and objectives
  • Business process design and optimization
  • Database development
  • Data hygiene
  • CRM configuration and website integration
  • Report Development
  • Integration of third-party systems
  • End-user training
  • Ongoing support

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