Website Development, Mobile Optimization and Social Media Integration

AXIS has extensive experience developing websites and micro-sites for a variety of different clients and ensuring that they are optimized for mobile and social media platforms. We specialize in the development of dynamic pages which capture data in real-time and connect to an underlying database.

Bin There Dump That website, which AXIS designed and coded

Website Development

We develop and support all web-based interactions including online payment processing, search/sort capability, automatic or system-generated responses and tracking of referral visits. Capturing dynamic data allows us to provide real-time reports how you want them — on an automated or on-demand basis - for all database-related activities.

As an integrated marketing and technology leader, the websites and databases AXIS creates are designed to support initiatives such as lead nurturing and marketing automation, CRM, direct mail campaigns, reporting applications, contest management, and contact management.

AXIS develops branded websites, micro-sites and corporate sites containing localized subdomains. All website development is directed by a holistic strategy to attract, capture, and nurture visitors. Whether it's driving traffic to your site to attract new customers or marketing to your current customer base to garner greater revenue generating opportunities, AXIS creates the right solutions to drive more interaction.


01 - First, we assign company resources to make sure elements of the project are delivered on time, on budget and according to specifications.

02 - Before we begin development, a dedicated Project Manager works closely with you and/or your creative team to create a detailed process flow (Visio diagram) which captures the layout and logic of the proposed website.

03 - Upon approval of the process flow, the Project Manager will establish a full set of Business Rules which will govern the development of the website and its underlying database.

04 - Once we document your website’s requirements, AXIS typically relies on your design agency/team to create the look and feel of the website and provide us with the “creative wrapper”. Our internal website designers will work with your creatives rather than design the website. If required, creative development is available on a case by case basis.

05 - Once AXIS receives the creative elements, the project is handed over to our team of website and application development specialists. Our development environments include ASP,, PHP, ColdFusion, Flash and Java (JSP). Our IT resources are managed throughout the entire project by the Project Manager, who oversees the entire website development process and provides constant customer/agency liaison while managing timelines and providing internal User Acceptance Testing.

Mobile Optimization and Social Media Integration

AXIS understands the enormous impact that the mobile and social environment can have on your business. We will create an integrated, mobile responsive approach that enables your consumer to connect with your brand however and whenever they want.

Our multi-faceted approach to social media also helps to ensure your brand makes waves online. Looking for a branded FaceBook or Twitter page? Want to wow consumers with a custom application? Maybe the perfect solution involves mobile optimization and social media integration into an existing campaign.

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