Case Study

Welcome Wagon: CRM-Enabled Direct To Consumer Program

Personalized Digital Coupon Delivery

Welcome Wagon offers a complimentary greeting service for the households they visit and personalized marketing services for the businesses they represent. They bring community information and free gifts to the businesses and households they visit.

Welcome Wagon has been in business for over 85 years and is Canadian owned and operated.

The Mission

Welcome Wagon needed a way to increase its reach and diversify its revenue stream by building on its traditional business model of making household visits.

AXIS works with Welcome Wagon to deliver direct mail and digital coupons.

Welcome Wagon's postcard mailer created by AXIS

Driving Home

AXIS designed and developed a custom web-based application and fulfillment program to facilitate direct-to-home coupon delivery. The application gave Welcome Wagon representatives the ability to easily create customized coupons based on their geographic region and businesses they represent, and trigger a printing and mailing of the coupons to homes across Canada.

The fulfillment program allows Welcome Wagon to target qualified leads with locally tailored coupons. It takes advantage of economies of scale and centrally prints all direct mail materials for all of Canada.

Welcome Wagon Login Page

Welcome Wagon Dashboard Page

Welcome Wagon Community Information Page
Welcome Wagon Coupon Page

Example of a coupons on a mobile phone

Site Build

The next step was to enable digital coupon delivery, via download or email.

Welcome Wagon Three Stream Coupon Offers

AXIS developed a website allowing visitors to search for and download coupons from businesses in their local community. Coupons are mobile-ready allowing users to simply show their phone screens in-store to redeem offers. The back-end content management system allows Welcome Wagon representatives to manage the communities they represent and the businesses within them.

AXIS developed and designed Welcome Wagon's website

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