Lettershop and Personalized Print Services

AXIS has been providing superior direct mail marketing services to our customers since the company’s inception. Our personal approach and comprehensive lettershop and collation solutions will maximize your investment for direct mailing campaigns of any size.

Examples of some of the lettershop materials AXIS has collated

Lettershop and Collation

AXIS collates all document types and materials using both manual and automatic machine collation. A properly-collated package using high-quality laser imaging and inkjetting makes a professional first impression on the addressee.

Coupon Redemption Services

We understand that in order to run a successful coupon redemption program, you need the right tools to design, print, distribute, report, and analyze. AXIS will help you manage your coupon redemption programs from start to finish, ensuring that you reach a wider consumer base and attract new business.

Extensive Lettershop Services

In addition to coupon redemption, AXIS has the capability to provide the following services:

Lettershop Example postcard front
Lettershop Example postcard back

Digital On-Demand Print Services

AXIS’ in-house colour and black & white commercial printing capabilities are ideally suited to publish small print runs of letters, labels, rebate/reimbursement cheques, post cards, brochures and a variety of other formats. Because printing is only executed as needed, inventory and material cost efficiencies are gained.

AXIS can accommodate your varied needs and help you maximize the value of your printed materials by adding relevant, personalized content while eliminating storage and obsolescent costs.

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Here is how we deploy our print services...

Data Sources:

  • Mail
  • Operational Databases
  • POS Systems
  • Telephone Systems
  • Websites
  • Others
  • Xerox® Versant® 80 Press


  • Canada Post
  • USPS
  • Courier

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