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Deploying effective email communications to current customers and leads comes with its own set of unique considerations. Make sure your message gets heard by the right people with AXIS’ email marketing solutions.

Examples of some of the emails AXIS has created

Robust Email Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to developing, implementing, and managing your email marketing campaigns, the team at AXIS will take a highly strategic approach by creating a step by step plan for its execution. Email marketing isn’t just about sending emails aimlessly, we believe in taking action with clear direction to ensure you receive the greatest return on your investment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a SaaS company selling enterprise software (B2B) or a retailer with multiple locations around the country (B2C), our team has the skills and the experience to make sure that your email campaigns create waves across the webosphere.

These are some of the actions that we will take to ensure your campaign is a success:

  • Create messaging and design that aligns with your brand
  • Grow email lists and signups
  • Segment lists for more targeted messages
  • Test effectiveness of campaign before launch
  • Analyze campaign results post-launch
  • And more...

Intelligent Email Marketing

AXIS will help you start and maintain a personal, ongoing consumer communication stream with your brand.

AXIS utilizes the Act-On marketing automation tool that includes variable targeted messaging logic. This means that consumer behaviour or input drives the messaging, which, in turn, responds to consumer behaviour - creating greater engagement.

The Act-On marketing automation tool has been successfully deployed in numerous applications, including consumer loyalty campaigns for a top-tier CPG brand where, in one campaign, email triggers were based on consumer purchase behaviour, and in the other, email triggers were based on time elapsed between multiple treatment and reward types in a consumer beauty rewards program.

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